Amia Dungeon Master Information

All the other miscellaneous information you may need, such as DM information, spell changes, subrace information, etc.
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Amia Dungeon Master Information

Post by Jes »

Dungeon Master Contact information

You can see a full list of the Amia Development Team and Staff here.

Note! Most DMs prefer to deal with Amia related issues when on duty, IE, DM side or via the forums or Discord. When a DM is player-side, most wish to just relax and play, so contact them playerside only in emergency, please.

Active DM DutyView bio: Amarice-ElaralielSend PM
View bio: ElyonSend PM
View bio: RafaelmacgyverSend PM
View bio: AlbacksenSend PM
View bio: YimmiSend PM
View bio: KhylariaSend PM
View bio: XanthamSend PM
View bio: TheRogueSend PM

Dev DMsThese are DMs who specialize in server maintenance and development. They're your point of contact for technical problems, bugs, and module changes. Additionally they may run occasional events, but to a lesser extent than other DMs. Please only PM these DMs if another DM tells you to do so.

View bio: JesSend PM
View bio: ZoltanTheRedSend PM
View bio: Maverick00053Send PM
View bio: TarnusSend PM

Inactive DMsThese DMs are away for RL reasons, but remain on the Team. They will not likely respond to PMs or Discord, so send anything you need to one of the above DMs.

View bio: LeathanKayne
View bio: Mahtan
View bio: Raua


These are settlement and region assignments among the DM Team. Contact these DMs first if you have questions in the related areas.

SettlementsBarak Runedar: Zoltan, Xantham
Demonreach: Maverick00053, Mahtan
Fort Cystana: Zoltan, Xantham
Frontier's Rest/Wave & Serpent: Amarice, Mahtan
Howness: Mahtan, Xantham
L'Obsul: Khylaria, Xantham
Moonpier: Rafaelmacgyver, TheRogue
Oakmist Vale: Tarnus, TheRogue
Ridgewood: Jes, Yimmi
Shadowscape: Mahtan, Khylaria
Shrine of Eilistraee: Yimmi, Xantham
Southport: Zoltan, Yimmi
Tarkuul: Jes, Mahtan
The Dale: The Rogue, Xantham
Triumvir: Albacksen
Wiltun: Elyon, Rafaelmacgyver
Winya Ravana: Amarice, Tarnus

Other Regions/NPC GroupsAbyss: Yimmi
Amia Forest: Tarnus, TheRogue
Caraigh: Elyon
Forrstakkr: Mahtan, Xantham
Frozenfar: Jes
Harpers: Zoltan
Kampo's: Mahtan
Ostland: Zoltan, Xantham
Plane of Shadow: Mahtan, Khylaria
Salandran Temple: Raua, Mahtan
Skull Peaks: Jes
Trade Federation: Zoltan
Underdark: Khylaria, Xantham

Brokentooth: Any
Khem: Any
Quagmire: Any


These are a few examples of topics that you can ask any DM (except Dev DMs) about via PM or contacting through Discord if you use it.
  • Anger Management + Problem solving
    When you have an argument with another player and can't reach compromise, we will mediate and help with solving the issue.

    Player Relations
    You can contact us regarding lifting your ban, complaints or concerns regarding forum conduct or postings, and if you have any questions regarding forum or game rules.

    Lore And Storylines
    Ask us any questions you may have about server lore or ongoing storylines.

    Quests and Events
    You can contact us about any quests or events you wish to partake in or have questions about. Have an idea for a quest for your character? Feel free to ask!

    DC Requests
    Generally speaking, it's best to just make your request posting in the Requests forum, since one DM just won't be able to offer a verdict on any item. What is "okay" for one DM might not be so for another, and all requests require more than one DM approval. That said, feel free to ask general questions.

    Bugs and errors
    PM blatant exploits that can be abused straight to us. Post the rest to Improving Amia (IA Forums).

    New Content Approval
    If you have item or area suggestions, post them to Improving Amia (IA Forums). If you want a more secretive approach for some reason, feel free to PM us.

    Forum Maintenance Issues
    If you have a problem with the forum, PM us or contact us on Discord.
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Post by Jes »

JesPositions: Site Admin, DM, Developer
Call me: Jes
Avatars: [DM] Hlal, [DM] Dragonlady
Characters: Cromlech, Lady Zellani Cys'dina, Lady Sui'Aerl Valis
Login: The Copper Queen
Areas of Focus: Guldorand, Frontier's Rest, Dragon Lore
Other Contact Info: PMs or Discord (Jes#8232)
Timezone: EST/EDT (USA)
Availability: I work a lot, but my schedule is flexible.

I know a lot about dragons, but I'm kind of a lore junkie in general. I prefer to schedule plot advancement events at least a few days beforehand, since I may need time to make sure I can be there. Otherwise, I'll be spontaneous in my off time. I do a lot of Admin and Dev work, so just give me some advance warning if you need me for something!

I've been around Amia since 2006, so feel free to reach out to me if you need help with server lore or the like. If I don't know the answer, my Search-Fu is on point and I can let you know what I find out.
Login: The Copper Queen
Duchess Zellani Simmons - Merchant and Leader, Apparently
Cromlech - The Best Copper This Side of Ruathym

Lady Sui'Aerl Valis - The Enlightened Warlock

See me DM-side as:
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Post by Maverick00053 »

Maverick00053Positions: DM, Developer
Call me: Mav, Maverick
Avatars: [DM] Maverick00053
Characters: Levexal, Techsmith Tokas
Login: Maverick00053
Areas of Focus: Development of the server almost exclusively.
Other Contact Info: PMs or Discord (Maverick00053#8485)
Timezone: PST (USA)
Availability: I am pretty much available on discord at all times, and if I dont respond immediately I will eventually get back to you.

I have been on Amia since 2006. Over the years I slowly worked myself onto the DM team, and eventually fell into the roll of mostly helping develop the server. I have had my hands in most systems that have been updated over the last few years, so if you have any questions or want to direct your hatred at someone feel free to contact me.
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Post by Raua »

RauaPositions: Developer, DM
Call Me: Raua or Olive
Avatars: [DM] Raua, Maintenance Oompa Loompa
Characters: Sythea Lumen, Matthias Hawthorne
Logins: Raua
Areas of Focus: Server development and maintenance, player requests, quests, and smaller events.
Contact Info: Forums PM, Discord (@Skalive#0479)
Timezone: CST (Central USA)
Availability: Afternoons after 3:00 PM most days.

I started off here in 2014, fell in love with the server and have been around ever since in varying staff capacity. I've been a developer on and off since 2015, and eventually weaseled into the DM team in early 2020.

Don't be afraid to poke me with questions on discord about anything really. If I can't help you, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction!
Seen as [DM] Raua or...

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Post by TheRogue »

TheRoguePositions: DM
Call Me: The Dark Daddy, or Chris works just as fine.
Avatars: [DM] TheRogue [DM] The Dark Daddy
Characters: Roland Shadowflame, Markus, and Bram.
Logins: The_Forsaken_Celric
Areas of Focus: Roleplay Interaction between players, The Dale, Spicing up hunts with absolute nonsense, small quest and mild events/plots
Contact Info: Forums PM, Discord (TheRogue#5569)
Timezone: MST (USA)
Availability: I work mostly night shifts, Monday through Friday, the weekends is were I have the most freetime, when I'm not changing a diaper or two.

I started playing D&D when I was in high school and fell in love with the adventure and the creativity that D&D had to offer, then I discovered Amia and was hooked every since. After a few years as player on Amia, I became a DM, i'm very easy going and friendly, so don't be hesitate to drop a message, ask a question, or just wanna chat. I promise I'm one of the nicest DM's you'll met, expect for Jes, cause everyone knows: #BlameJes.
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Post by Albacksen »

AlbacksenPositions: DM
Call Me: Albacksen, Alex, Al.
Avatars: [DM] TheNamelessOne [DM] TheGreatUnknown
Characters: Adahn Northlow, Cian Flynn, Karla Valentino and more...
Logins: Albacksen
Areas of Focus: Social events, intrigue, personal plots and certain faction stuff.
Contact Info: Forums PM, Discord (Albacksen#8072) (Discord preferred)
Timezone: CET (EU)
Availability: Evenings and weekends, mostly. I work a deadend- I mean 9-5 job.

I'm an avid roleplayer. I've played NWN for 12+ years on and off. In the same scope of time I've also DMed and played Pen and Paper games and typically enjoy all character centric exploration, stuff that appeals to the writer/actor in me. Less interested in what combat the game has to offer. Character arcs for everyone!
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Post by Yimmi »

YimmiPositions: DM
Call Me: Yimmi, Gabe, The real latino
Avatars: [DM] Clangeddin
Characters: Jacob Hel'Tharan, Aedan Turghaer, Bjalfi Bolverkson aaaand many others :3
Logins: Yimmi
Areas of Focus: I focus mainly on the Shrine and Zanshibon, but I do enjoy personal quest and psychological plots! Spice the Rp around and all tat.
Contact Info: Forums PM, Discord Yimmi#2658 (faster this way)
Timezone: EST time
Availability: Evening during weekdays are weird because of my work buut mostly after 7pm. During weekends it's waaay more available!

Well I'm a FR lore geek in certain aspects! I enjoy dwarven and demon lore the most but i like to read different stuff from time to time! I've been playing Amia since 2011, mosly coming and going and got really into the game around 2014! I like to think of myself as an easy going person so if you have any doubts or questions don't hesitate to send it my way! And most importantly, no matter what Rafaelmacgyver says, -I'M- the real latino around ;D!
About being a DM I enjoy more RP and plot-investigating stuff and not so focused on combat-oriented things, but I try to create some balance.
-Jacob Hel'Tharan: Knowledge through sacrifice.
-Aedan Turghaer: Life of a mercenary... it ain't easy.

We are southamerican rockers, nou sommes rockers sudamericaines...

And DM side: DM Clangeddin
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Post by rafaelmacgyver »

rafaelmacgyver Position(s): DM
Call me: Raf, Rafael, Rafe.
Avatar(s): [DM] Raf
Character(s): Wilfire Strongfeet, Adela Griffonheart, Hallvardr Erikson and others.
Login(s): rafaelmacgyver
Areas of focus: Moonpier, Small and Medium Plots, Small NPC Interactions, Spicing up hunts.
Other Contact Info: Porum PMs or Discord rafaelmacgyver#9552
Timezone: GMT -3
Availability: Flexible. Usually everyday at evenings until late at night.

Hello folks! I've been on Amia for 11 years now. Looking forward into this new chapter on Amia!
Thanks to all of the community!
I will do my best to bring out the fun for everyone!
Wilfire Strongfeet (Tight pants)
Adela Griffonheart (Poke)
Hallvardr Erikson (Sexy Boy)
Emilly MacMillan (Happy)

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Sprites by Raua!
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Post by Khylaria »

KhylariaPositions: DM, Developer
Call Me: Khy
Avatars: [DM] Shar
Characters: Kel'riia Zau'lyl
Logins: Khylaria
Areas of Focus: Forgotten Realms loremonkey in general, PC plot initiatives, The Underdark, area design/updates
Contact Info: Discord (Dragonfyre#8367)
Timezone: US East Coast (EST/EDT and GMT -4/-5 depending on the time of year)
Availability: Whenever I'm not sleeping, or otherwise occupied. Timezone is EDT/EST (US East Coast), but my schedule is actually pretty flexible - especially if I have advanced warning (at least 1-2 days ahead of time)

Old, returning player turned old-returning DM here. I started off on Amia around the spring of 2007, and originally joined the DM team in January of 2008. After a few years, circa 2014-2015 RL took me away as both a DM and a player, after which I stopped playing NWN altogether for a few years. But you know what they say - no one ever truly leaves Amia. I came back mid-December 2019, and have been having a blast ever since.

Feel free to hit me up if you have Forgotten Realms lore-related questions. If I can't find an answer right away, I'll try to dig up someone who can!
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Post by Elyon »

ElyonPosition(s): DM
Call me: Elyon. (I also accept compliments to a moderate degree!)
Avatars: DM Yondalla
Characters: Rosary Doodlekins
Logins: Elyon
Area of Focus: Small, medium, big plots and spontaneous events. Wiltun & Caraigh.
Contact Info: Forums PM or Discord (Doodoo#6313)
Timezone: UK time (GMT/BST)
Availability: Late evenings and nights on working weekdays, flexible GMT hours otherwise.

I've been around since 2012, and I'm most familiar with lore around The Dale, Wiltun and Caraigh. I like to experiment with different flavors of RP and events, from the dark & gritty to something lighthearted- wherever my imagination takes me. Ask away for any queries!
Rosary Doodlekins - Hin Candy Witch
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Post by LeathanKayne »

Leathan KaynePosition(s): DM
Call Me: Liam or Leathan
Avatars: DM Stabby
Characters: Vera Talen, Delen Tredinnick, Nevelan Knotwise, Kieler Almstedt
Logins: LeathanKayne
Areas of Focus: Mini, small, or medium plots. Spicing up dungeons and stalking you with knives
Contact Info: CrazyOldLiam#4851
Timezone: EST, with stupid DST >.>
Availability: Usually 12pm to 12am EST, but I can be convinced to be around other times

NWN introduced me to D&D which I've loved since. Amia was the first server I joined well over a decade ago and it's the only one for me.

Lore has never been my best area, so I intend to spice up Amia in other ways. Expect the unexpected.
Vera Talen - Anti-magic Monk
Kieler Almstedt - Goodly Warlock
Nevelan Knotwise - Dark Hin on a Mission
Delen Tredinnick - Archdruidess of Dour
Spencer Rush - Shifter Prankster
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Post by Tarnus »

TarnusPositions: DM, Developer
Call me: Tarnus
Avatars: DM Prometheus
Characters: A ton of alts
Login: Tarnus
Areas of Focus: Backend development, fiddly things, elf lore, fey
Other Contact Info: PMs, Discord Tarnus#9623
Timezone: GMT+1/MEST
I am usually around on GMT evenings, please keep in mind that I am a dev DM and while I do have some DM responsibilities, general queries are best directed towards regular DMs!
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Post by Jes »

Amarice-ElaralielPosition: DM
Call Me: Amarice, Ama, Crazy Cat Lady, Forest Tyrant
Avatar(s): Devilcat, Auril, Titania
Character(s): Malandria Luelven, Ainé (those are my mains at least)
Login(s): Amarice-Elaraliel
My Areas of Focus: Maintenance; small to medium plots; Fiends; Druids and Shifters; Fey; Horror; Spiritual/Totemic things; personal plots; item balance
Amia Areas I tend to: Winya Ravana, Wave & Serpent Adventuring Guild
Other Contact Info: PMs, Discord
Timezone: European
Availability: Weekdays: european evening times; Weekends: flexible with sheduling

About me: I've been playing NWN since it was released and joined this server many years ago. I've also been roleplaying well before NWN itself, both in PnP and LARP.

My main lore focus lies with fiends and druids, however I am also quite knowledgeable with elven and fey lore.

During the weekdays you will mostly catch me online in the European evening hours. I am more flexible when it comes to weekends, as I do not work then.

I consider myself an often calm and level-headed person, so feel free to contact me if you have any issues and I will try to help sort them out.

Otherwise I am your usual geek/nerd, despite being female, with a liking for video games, comics, books and movies.

And of course, I love cats.
Login: The Copper Queen
Duchess Zellani Simmons - Merchant and Leader, Apparently
Cromlech - The Best Copper This Side of Ruathym

Lady Sui'Aerl Valis - The Enlightened Warlock

See me DM-side as:
[DM] Dragonlady | [DM] Hlal
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Post by Jes »

ZoltanTheRedPositions: Server Host, DM, Developer
Avatar: DM Garagos
Character(s): Corrick Vostryl, Darius Eskandari, Mai'ethil Rilynn'tlithar
Login: ZoltanTheRed
Areas of Focus: Fort Cystana, Ostland, Southport, Barak Runedar
Other Contact Info: Zoltan#2916 on Discord.
Timezone: US Eastern Time
Availability: Try PMing me or messaging me on Discord. I work all day during the week.

I try to make things interesting where I can. Haven't had a lot of time lately, but I'm doing what I can to improve that.
Login: The Copper Queen
Duchess Zellani Simmons - Merchant and Leader, Apparently
Cromlech - The Best Copper This Side of Ruathym

Lady Sui'Aerl Valis - The Enlightened Warlock

See me DM-side as:
[DM] Dragonlady | [DM] Hlal
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Post by Xantham »

Xantham Positions: DM, Developer
Avatar: DM Cyric
Character(s): Kados Reynes, Fineon Underntold
Login: Xantham
Areas of Focus: Lots! Underdark, co dm for various places!
Other Contact Info: Discord Xantham#9128
Timezone: US Eastern Time
Availability: Anytime! Just send me a PM on discord or on the forums!

Here to bring strife to the land of Amia! And as well to have some fun along the way!
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Post by Mahtan »

MahtanPositions: Developer, DM
Call Me: Mahtan, Maht
Avatars: [DM] Corellon
Characters: T'rissvyr Tinnerai, Puff
Logins: Mahtan
Areas of Focus: Player Requests, DM Quests, smaller scale events aimed for pre-epics, Server and technical fixes as needed.
Contact Info: Discord (Mahtan#3907)
Timezone: US West Coast (PST and GMT -7/-8 depending on Daylight Savings)
Availability: Rather open, I work from home so I am fortunate enough to have flexible schedules.

Hello again everyone, I am back in the DM seat to bring forward more events and fun for us all. I have been on the server for a very long time as a player, tester, Dev, DM and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be back. As most may remember I was very involved in the creation of our Shadowdancer and Shadow Magic lore for Amia. I will gladly answer any questions or requests involving that topic. I am decently versed in Elven, Drow, and Fey lore as well. Please don't be shy to ask if you need help or find something not working quite right, I am happy to help.
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