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Guest Story Teller (GST)

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What is a Guest Story Teller?

A Guest Story Teller is a member of the Amia community who is not a DM, but who is able to log in, supervised, to the DM client for the purpose of telling an independent story in the span of 1 to 3 isolated events.

How to Be a Guest Story Teller- Anyone with an idea for a story/plotline can apply to to become a Guest Story Teller.

-You can send your Application to any Active DM. Click here to see the list of DMs.

- Use this form:

GST ApplicationApplicant Information
  • Login:
    Timezone and Usual Playtimes:

Plot Information
  • Involved Areas/Settlements:
    Plot Pitch/Summary:
    Unique NPCs and Descriptions (if any):
    Estimated Timeline for Completion:

    What do you think this plot will add to the server overall?:

    Previous DM Client Experience (if any):

- The Team decides together which Stories are feasible and fitting into the setting at the moment. Application Outcomes are as follows:
  • Approved: You will be informed of the approval and a mentor DM will be assigned to you. Who this will be will mostly depend on when you want to run this.

    Denied: You will be informed why the story has been denied.

    Pending: This means we like the story but we currently either have too many stories running already or it clashes with other things at the moment. This means we are interested in running the story, but it will have to wait a bit. The Team will contact you once these things have cleared and we are able to run your plot.
- Applicants can either build a fully independent story OR can come up with quests given by the Wave and Serpent Adventurer Guild to run.

You will always have a co-DM when in the DM client as a Guest Story Teller. He or she will help you run the plot and will also help you balance creatures and decide on appropriate rewards, as well as provide you with the information and lore you need for the area and NPCs where your plot will take place. Once your story/plotline is finished, you will not be able to log back into the DM client. Remember that logging in at any time without the necessary DM oversight is strictly prohibited.

Running events is fun and we welcome applications from members of the community who would like to contribute to our server's story. We look forward to hearing from you!
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