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Amia's Unofficial Discord Server

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We have an "Unofficial" discord server which is run by one of our long-time players: Fenguard. I am a Moderator on this server, primarily to step in if things get too heated. Other DMs also do this, but overall it is a very relaxed setting that has helped us come together as a community over the last couple years. Here's the link to join if you haven't already:

Be sure to read the posted Rules of the Discord server!

See you there!

Click to see Fenguard's original post from the previous forums!
Fenguard wrote:Hey all, it's me! Your friendly neighborhood Fenny!

I've spend a whole whopping 40 minutes setting up a fancy, shiny, and friendly Discord Server for anyone who wishes to come and chat it up without having to be logged in to the damn game. WTB Sinfar-Style Chat Client.


There is apparently some trouble with the link getting it to open in the downloadable Discord client, Solution is to copy/paste it in the Join Server function there.
I think I fixed this.

The aim of it is to promote general friendliness among players, forgo the 'having to be logged in to talk to anyone reasonably' thing since waiting on someone to log on and see your PM on the forums can be time consuming, and perhaps more relevant to the actual server;

Have a place where people can gather for things such as setting up a hunt(Is it Metagaming? The LFG widget exist, same deal!),
or having a more immediate IC bulletin board that doesn't wipe every reset,
more hands-on event coordination and invitation,
and so on, it's to make communication when not directly logged into the game muuuuuuch easier.

Most importantly to some: Provide a way to maybe encourage folks to play the server more by showing there's a whole lot of people around that are friendly and wanting to play!

I have a whole slough of channels set up to this end for your chatting and viewing pleasure. Including but not limited to:
[Broken image link.]

Server rules are as follows, I think they're reasonable and understandable!
[Broken image link.]

This server comes fully equipped with RPbot!
[Broken image link.]

If you are a DM and would like a fancy DM color of Amian authority in the Discord Server please PM me on THIS forum with your Discord Name & #thing so I can verify your DMitude!(Via fancy colored Forum name.)
You also can have special Moderation privileges if you want them~.

That's all! I hope to see many of you all there, I don't bite and I'll make sure others don't too!

If someone wants to sticky this that might be nice for getting folks together.
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