Amia DM and Player Events

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Amia DM and Player Events

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On Amia, we do our very best to track when we're running events - both DM Events and Player Events. We have a full and active DM Team who likes to run things for people!

With the rebuilds and other maintenance and bugs situations still taking much of our attention, we're a bit strapped for time in this field, but a lot of us like to run spontaneous things when we get a chance to. Once all the transfer/rebuild/etc. stuff calms down, I expect to see a super busy Events Page again.

With that said, here's the link to our Events Page!

This is available directly in the sidebar on the main page of the forums, so keep an eye out for more events!

If you have any events you'd like to see added, or if you're organizing one yourself, just message the DM Team or me directly and we'll see it added. We might even get a DM to help oversee it when it happens!
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