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By Jericho Fel

Goblins are small goblinoids with flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, and small, sharp fangs. Their foreheads slope back, and their eyes vary in color from red to yellow. Their skin color ranged from yellow and green through any shade of orange to a deep red; usually, all members of the same tribe shared the same colored skin. Goblins typically dress in dark leathers soiled by poor hygiene and usually stand between 3′4″‒3′8″ and weigh about 40‒55 lb on average. While goblins are often considered little more than a nuisance, an unchecked population can often balloon into a serious threat to normally civilized areas. Goblins breed extremely rapidly compared with many other races, accounting for their large population.

It is recommended that prospective Goblin Hunters begin their training in Fort Wiltun, where individual Goblin Magi frequently sneak across from Carraigh and raid the larder beneath the castle. From there, Carraigh can be reached by fishing boat, and goblins can be found in the lands immediately north of the village. The goblins of Carraigh seem to have a secular society primarily dominated by goblin magi, with no priests present. They have trained vicious wolves to fight with them on the open plains, and can quickly overwhelm an unwary adventurer. Within their lair, cave bats and rats have also been trained as guardians, and if encountering a goblin mage, a badger familiar will often be summoned. Through the caves can be found a large expanse of wilderness claimed by the Carraigh goblins.

Nearby to Southport and Frontier’s Rest, numerous goblin tribes can be found. North and East from the gates, a large population of Goblins can be found. These tend to be lead by priests of Magubliyet, whose curses can be devastating to a novice adventurer. Scouting parties accompanied by goblin archers with deadly poison-tipped arrows roam the frontier, while their lair can be found in a series of caves in the hills. Inside the lair lurk backstabbing rogues, frenzied ragers, and powerful chieftains of the tribe. Some goblins will hide as adventurers pass and then waylay them from behind. The Magubliyeti goblins are under the leadership of a powerful goblin high priest, and are known to frequently raid the farmlands surrounding Frontiers Rest.

The infamous Yellowfang tribe dominates the dense forest areas around the south of the Bramble Wood. They are known by their fearsome spider-mounted cavalry, which can ambush and quickly overtake unlucky travellers. They also either train or have a rudimentary alliance with the nearby Gibberlings, who often accompany them into battle. They are also known for the craftsmanship of their deadly morning stars.

In the nearby hills, a series of caverns is host to s seemingly unincorporated tribe of goblins. These are all very basic warriors, with no apparent leadership of which to speak, and may well be a collection of exiles and runts from the other tribes.

The dominant tribe in the region is the Brokentooth Tribe, led by King Malakop, who has a small settlement in the Bramble called Brokentooth Cave. Visitors who cause no trouble are given free access to the settlement and its merchants, and can even gain a friendly audience with King Malakop himself, providing an interesting insight into the goblin worldview. The Brokentooth Tribe even includes larger goblinoids as part of the king’s warband.

Being bullied by bigger, stronger creatures has taught goblins to exploit what few advantages they have: stealth, sheer numbers and malicious ingenuity. The concept of a fair fight is meaningless in their society. They favor ambushes, overwhelming odds, dirty tricks, and any other edge they can devise. Goblins prefer to fight battles where the odds are in their favor and often flee or surrender when outmatched.

Goblins have a commonly short temper. Leaders among the race often come to power through betrayal or aggression, rather than by more peaceful means, or as clerics of the goblin gods. Though goblins have a poor reputation overall, not all goblins are dim-witted or evil. Some goblins have risen to become heroes, gaining enough renown to be accepted into the civilized world of other, more commonly good, races. Many goblins who left for a life among other races were females, driven away by the rigidly structured role they were expected to play.
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