The Job Tiers

Amia's Adventuring Guild, located in Frontier's Rest.
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The Job Tiers

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Job Tiers

N-Class-JobsShort for Normal class jobs. Those can be taken by anyone. They do not require a certain skill level.

Farmer Boldwin's priced pig is reported missing. He offers a 500 gold reward for whoever finds out what happened to the precious animal.

M-Class-JobsShort for Middle class jobs. These jobs do require some training, though not a seasoned adventuerer. (//pre epic)

General Nof offers a reward of a special trinklet for anyone who discovers what stirred the trolls into odd and bold activity lately.

The church of Selune offers a reward of 2.000 gold and a rare silver amulet with a special property for anyone to aid with a Malarite mission in the forest of dispair.

E-Class-JobsShort for Elite class jobs. These jobs do require seasoned training. (//epic characters)

Professor Quilby offers a rare magical item and 10.000 gold to whomever investigates into Beholder activity and brings him at least 2 samples of different Beholders.

White Necromancer Madame Silena has created a new formula for vampire purging holy water flasks with garlic components. She offers no less than a divine mythal for whom is daring enough to test it against the strongest of Vampires around in the Manor of Mourn and brings back detailed results.

SS-Class-JobsShort for Special Skill class jobs. These jobs do require specific skills to solve. (//either literal skills of jobs)

Archimedes the Archologist offers a reward of a curious artifact for whom helps him retrieve tomes and artifacts from an old tomb in the desert. Beware, skills with traps and locks are required.

Baltasar's house is haunted. He offers his family amulet for whomever is able to end the spook.

S-Class-JobsShort for Suicidal class jobs. These jobs require a high amount of training and a lot of help. And even then your success is not guaranteed. (//30+)

A handsome reward is paid by the wizard Batholomew for whomever dares to enter the lair of the fierce red dragon in the High Mountains. He wishes an old artifact of his former master returned. The rest of the hoard of this wyrm is to remain with the brave adventurers who slay the beast.
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