The Fabrications of Karen and Bumbledust

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The Fabrications of Karen and Bumbledust

Post by Elyon »

It all began when two children by the names of Karla and Katrina arrived at the Wave & Serpent guild in the most extravagant with the Lady Burgandy, Mimi, her younger brother George and a familiar old alchemist by the name of Gert, an old alchemist. An outburst of cries came from the children, learning that their dear mother 'Karen' had died from whatever incident befell her last year. Karen was said to be a merchant gaining popularity for her business 'Blooming Eggs' in Waterdeep. Her unethical methods of business success, however, remain a print in history as it was put to an end. Rumours spread that the daughters are safe in the capable hands of the Grove for now.

Rumours spread that a small fey has been spotted floating around the Wave & Serpent, floating around buildings and seeing the sights of Frontier's Rest.

// More to come at 7:30 PM GMT, 2nd April 21.
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Re: The Fabrications of Karen and Bumbledust

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A certain pirate woman has been seen going to and from Oakmist Vale. Often times she brings food, clothing, toys and books for the girls that have lost there mothers. Coming in the early morning to make them breakfast and coming back in random times of the day to keep them company. Often times she is also seen speaking with Mimi and her brother. Those who know her, know its Isania.
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Re: The Fabrications of Karen and Bumbledust

Post by Elyon »

The fey who goes by the name of Bumbledust dangles her legs as she sat on a sign in Frontier's Rest:
The Sign Clue 1 - FOUND

Clue 2 - FOUND

Clue 3 - FOUND

Clue 4 - FOUND

Clue 5 - FOUND

Clue 6 - FOUND

Clue 7 - FOUND

Clue 8

Clue 9 - FOUND

Clue 10 - FOUND

Clue 11 - FOUND

Clue 12

Clue 13 - FOUND

Clue 14 - FOUND

Clue 15 - FOUND

Clue 16 - FOUND
Peace cannot be taught
Seek stillness and harmony
Where it is vibrant

Clue 17 - FOUND
Let light guide the ships
Hidden besides arachnids
Near adamantine

Clue 18 - FOUND
Flock to the waters
Offering trade and travel
It gushes and pours

Clue 19 - FOUND
Blood splatters within
The statue of a wyvern
Castle to behold

Clue 20 - FOUND
Crabs tread the cycles
A land not indigenous
Strings pluck the sea waves

Clue 21 - FOUND
The flora withers
Under murk and brown waters
An altar of bone

Clue 22 - FOUND
Beginning new growth
The Infestation was cleansed
Enter fellowship

Clue 23 - FOUND
Harvest and reap crops
Farmers pigs Bert and Berta
Recover livestock

Clue 24 = FOUND
Withered and renewed
Skinny dipping is a crime
The fey once resides

Clue 25 - FOUND
Acknowledging change
The feel of wind and challenge
Mirror cycle of fate

Clue 26 - FOUND
A sacrifice rests
Memories shall never fade
Receiver of life

Clue 27 - FOUND
The wooden floors creek
Jolly fireplace and hearth
The other Gustav

Clue 28 - FOUND
Old ward that still stands
Outskirts to the coast
New mines to explore

Clue 29 - FOUND
Pristine hall and rooms
The red tribe live and defend
Hidden in plain sight

Clue 30 - FOUND
A fountain in peace
Below vines and near benches
by Lord Firemane

Clue 31 - FOUND
Trees with only stumps
Rainbow without sun and rain
Leads to plane below

Clue 32 - FOUND
The road Dufus strolled
Headstone to commemorate
Green beings slew him

Clue 33 - FOUND
Depress no longer
An abundance of granite
Construction commence

Clue 34 - FOUND
A hidden safe place
A dolphin prince fills this lake
Climb the highest point

Clue 35 - FOUND
Leading to the shadows
A top of crumbled ruins
Beetle bonanza
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