The Amian PvP system

See here for specific Rules.

The PvP settings determine what happens when you 'kill' somebody in a fight. The setting of the killer is the one that matters, and the victim (m/f) does NOT determine the outcome of the fight, neither ICly or OOCly. Mind that you will never get or inflict an XP/Gold penalty due to PvP death, whatever setting you choose.


You will find a PvP Tool in your Inventory (it's a 1x1 red blob/heart). Use the tool on somebody else to toggle your (dis)like status towards this person, use the tool on yourself to pop up the PvP Settings dialog. You can use the PvP tool on a victim of a PvP kill to raise him for free.


If you are killed in PvP you will see a respawn dialog informing you about your status and respawn options:

Subdue: You are unconscious. You can respawn in 5 minutes at your current position.
Duel: You are dead. You can respawn in 5 minutes at your current position.
Brawl: You are incapacitated. You can respawn at your bindpoint.
Arena: You have been beaten. You can respawn at your current position.


1. You can chose when to respawn, as long as it's after the respawn delay (ie: if you are unconscious you can stay on the ground for 5 minutes, but also for 10 minutes. You can't respawn within 5 minutes, though.
2. Brawl mode is only activated when both parties have it selected. Subdue will be used instead otherwise.
3. Arena mode is determined by the area settings and overrules any other mode.
4. Traps will use the PvP mode the trap setter has selected while setting the trap.
5. Hitpoints gained upon respawning is related to the PvP mode.
6. Heal (the spell) can be used to bring somebody back to consciousness.


Determined ByKillerKillerBothArea
Victim StatusUnconsciousKilledIncapacitatedBeaten
Respawn Delay5 mins5 minsInstantaneousInstantaneous
Respawn HitpointsHalf1FullFull
Respawn LocationCurrentCurrentBindpointCurrent
XP/Gold Penaltyn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.