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You do not need to install HAK files to play Amia, due to NWSync. This page shows you where to get the files and how to install them, anyway, in case you want to use them in a module to test skins, armor, or anything else you need a hak for.


See below for the download files. (The Tile and Tile Patch haks are optional).

Download (1.52 GB): Amia_haks.7z

Download (Optional, 327 MB): Amia_Tile_Haks.zip

Download (Optional, 2.17 GB): Amia_Tile_Patch_All.7z


The files in the archive need to be placed in the proper folders: the .hak files go in the /hak/ folder and the .tlk file goes in the /tlk/ folder. These folders can be found in your Documents directory for Neverwinter Nights (Enhanced Edition). If you can't find a /tlk/ folder in the correct place, you will have to make one yourself. Just make sure you make it in the same directory as the /hak/, /override/, etc. folders.

The extracted files take up 8.89 GB of disk space. This HAK will not in any way conflict with your overrides and/or other haks you installed for playing other servers. Most servers, including ours, use NWSync, so you do not need to download this package, but if you feel like using the Toolset to have a look at what's available, use these haks and check this post for instructions on how to set up a module.

Players may also offer different versions of the override folder, so you can change the look of the game by downloading these. Override files are completely optional and you can play the game without them.

Here is one override folder put together by Mahtan if you're interested: Mahtan_Overrides.rar (407 MB)

Just extract this into your override folder. Make sure it's not all put into its own folder within the override folder or it won't work. If it wants you to overwrite anything, go ahead and do it. But always make a backup override folder, just in case.

Checking if Everything's Fine

Let's say your hak file directory is in here: c:\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\

The file directory for Enhanced Edition haks, portraits, overrides, etc. is always going to be in your primary Documents folder for your user account.

Then this is how it should look:

..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_a.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_b.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_c.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_creature.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_d.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_items.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_music.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_override.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_parts.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_plc.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_races.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_rest.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_skybox.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_tile1.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_tile2.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_top.hak
..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak\amia_weapons.hak

..Documents\Neverwinter Nights\tlk\amia_tlk.tlk

In case you missed it above, look here for the hak order and instructions for using them in your own module to check our custom content yourself.

* The Programs that can be used to open the .rar can be downloaded at the following locations
Windows: https://www.winzip.com
Linux: http://sourceforge.net/projects/p7zip/files/
Mac: http://web.me.com/krmathis/

If you have any difficulties, just ask for help in one of these locations:
General Questions on the Forums
Join Discord and use the #Help channel
You can also use the live chat at the bottom of the forum index page.