Amia Deity System

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Taking a Patron Deity

You can bind to a god (or: take a deity as your patron god) if you meet the alignment requirements. Everybody can bind to a god, and pray to it, but Clerics get the best mileage out of it. You can bind to a god in two ways:

a. You search for its idol in the game. Click on it to open a conversation which allows you to bind to it if you have the right alignment.
b. You enter the deity's name in the deity field on character creation. Mind that the deity will fry you if you pray without meeting the alignment requirements.

I'll use Nicholas the Maniac ( Level 7 CE Cleric, domains Magic and Destruction ) who has bound to Cyric as an example.

NB: You may reconsider your faith until reaching level 10, ie, you may choose a new deity before you hit level 10. After that, deities can only be changed with DM assistance (and a bloody good RP reason; deities don't fancy people swapping them like socks!).


You can pray to your patron once a RL hour. Non-cleric characters have a 40% chance to gain a personal blessing. Clerics always get a party-wide blessing (as long as the party members are in the same area). The aformentioned blessings are based on your alignment. Clerics get an additional party-wide bonus for their deity domains. Clerics without proper deities and/or domains become fallen.

Druids that follow a god with Animal or Plant domains will act like Clerics and give an auto-success party -wide alignment blessing. They do not get any domain blessings (as they obviously don't have a domain). Druids on Amia are required to follow only druidic deities that offer them spells. On the deity list, it is noted with a "*" before the name to specify which ones are permitted. All other deities will result in being considered fallen, and the druid will be unable to use their abilities.

All other characters add twice their Paladin, Rangers, Blackguards and Divine Champion levels to the 40% base success rate. A level 30 Paladin would thus get an automatic success.

All divine casters should insure they have a deity from which they get their blessings (spells). In addition to the LG deities for paladin, they can also take Sune and Corellon Larethian. Those that have no deity, or one that doesn't match their alignment, will be considered fallen, and will not be able to use their abilities. The only exception to this is Blackguard. Blackguard must be evil, and paladin must be lawful good, or they are considered fallen.

The duration of a prayer is 5 turns + 1 turn / 3 Cleric (or Druid) levels. This equals 5 minutes + 20 seconds for every Cleric level.

Nicholas' prayer would thus last 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

The prayer is accessed from the Rest menu. This effectively means that you cannot use it in the thick of a fight.

Alignment based blessings

You get a +2 dodge bonus vs the opposite alignment on the Good-Evil axis. Neutrals get a +1 vs both Good and Evil. A further +1 is added when you have 10+ Cleric levels.

Nicholas is Evil and gets +2 vs Good. He'll get +3 vs Good when he reaches his 10th Cleric level. This bonus is given to himself AND party members in the same area because he is a Cleric.

Domain based bonuses

  • Air: Immunity Increase vs Electric, 20% + cleric levels
  • Animal: Increases damage of Animal summons, 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Balance: +Will, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Cavern: Immunity to Light Sensitivity
  • Chaos: Extra damage vs Law, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Charm: Immunity to Charm/Dominate/Hold
  • Cold: +Cold Damage, 1 + 1 for every 10 cleric levels
  • Community: +10hp per Party Member (Max 100)
  • Courage: Fear Immunity
  • Craft: +Saves vs Traps, 1 + 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Darkness: Immunity to Light Sensitivity
  • Death: Increases damage of Undead summons, 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Destruction: Damaging Fire shield, d6 + 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Dragon: +1 to all abilities
  • Dream: Immunity to Sleep/Daze/Stun
  • Drow: Freedom
  • Dwarf: +Con, +1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Earth: Immunity Increase vs Acid, 20% + cleric levels
  • Elf: +Dex, +1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Evil: Extra damage vs Good, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Fate: +one save (chosen at random) or all saves (small chance), 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Fire: Immunity Increase vs Fire, 20% + cleric levels
  • Gnome: +Cha, +1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Good: Extra damage vs Evil, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Halfling: +Hide/Move Silently, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Hatred: Damaging Divine shield, d4 + 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Healing: Regeneration, 1 for every 10 cleric levels
  • Illusion: Invisibility
  • Knowledge: All skills boost, 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Law: Extra damage vs Chaos, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Luck: +3 to random ability
  • Magic: Spell Resistance increase, 10 + 1 for every 2 cleric levels
  • Moon: Damage vs Shapechangers, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Nobility: +Persuade/Bluff/Intimidate, 1 + 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Orc: +Str, +1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Plant: Natural AC, +1 for every 5 cleric levels, capped at 5
  • Portal: Portal Wand consumes no charges
  • Protection: Concealment, 20% + cleric levels
  • Renewal: Resist all Elemental Damage, 2% + 1% for every 5 cleric levels, capped at 10%
  • Repose: Damage vs Undead, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Retribution: Deal heavy area of effect damage if killed in this state
  • Rune: Damage Reduction, 10/+5 + 10 for every five cleric levels
  • Scalykind: +Acid damage, 1 + 1 for every 10 cleric levels
  • Slime: Immunity Increase vs Acid, 20% + cleric levels
  • Spell: +Saves vs spells, 1 + 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Strength: +Str, +1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Suffering: +Fortitude/Will, 1 + 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Sun: Extra damage vs Undead, 1 + 1 for every 7 cleric levels
  • Time: Movement speed increase, 1% + 1 for every 2 cleric levels
  • Trade: +Discount 5% at Shop
  • Travel: Immunity to Movement Speed Decrease
  • Trickery: Invisibility
  • Tyranny: Bludgeoning Resistance, 1/- + 1 for every 5 cleric levels
  • Undeath: +Negative Damage, 1 + 1 for every 10 cleric levels
  • War: +Physical damage, 1 for every 10 cleric levels
  • Water: Immunity Increase vs Cold, 20% + cleric levels

Nicholas doesn't get the effects for the Magic domain, as Cyric doesn't support it. He does get the Fire Shield from Destruction, which does d6 + 2 damage. This is also given to his party members.


There are currently 117 gods to worship in Amia

IdolAlignmentFollower AlignmentsDomains
AasterinianCNCG CN CE Chaos Dragon Illusion Luck Travel Trickery 
AbbathorNECE LE NE NN Dwarf Evil Hatred Luck Trade Trickery
*Aerdrie faenyaCGCG CN NG Air Animal Chaos Elf Good Renewal
*AkadiNNCN LN NE NG NN Air Animal Illusion Portal Travel Trickery
*AngharradhCGCG CN NG Chaos Elf Good Knowledge Plant Renewal
*AnhurCGCG CN NG Air Chaos Courage Good Strength War
AnubisLNLG LN NN LE Darkness Death Fate Law Protection Repose
ArvoreenLGLG LN NG Courage Good Halfling Law Protection War
AsmodeusLELE LN NE Evil Law Magic Nobility Trickery Tyranny
AstilaborNNNG LN NN CN NE Cavern Craft Dragon Earth Protection Trade
*AurilNECE LE NE Air Cold Destruction Evil Suffering Water
AzuthLNLE LG LN NN Illusion Knowledge Law Magic Rune Spell
*Baervan WildwandererNGCG LG NG NN Animal Good Gnome Plant Travel Trickery
BahamutLGLG LN NG Air Cold Dragon Good Law Protection
BahgtruCECE CN NE Chaos Evil Hatred Orc Strength War
BaneLELE LN NE Destruction Evil Hatred Law Strength Tyranny
Baravar CloakshadowNGCG LG NG NN Darkness Gnome Good Illusion Protection Trickery
Berronar TruesilverLGLG LN NG Community Dwarf Good Healing Law Protection
BeshabaCECE CN NE Charm Chaos Evil Fate Luck Trickery
BhaalLELE NE CE Death Destruction Evil Hatred Retribution Suffering
BrandobarisNNCN LN NE NG NN Charm Halfling Illusion Luck Travel Trickery
Callarduran SmoothhandsNNCN LN NE NG NN Cavern Community Craft Earth Gnome Illusion
*ChaunteaNGCG LG NG NN Animal Earth Good Plant Protection Renewal
Clangeddin SilverbeardLGLG LN NG Courage Dwarf Good Law Strength War
Corellon LarethianCGCG CN NG Chaos Elf Good Magic Protection War
CyricCECE CN NE Chaos Destruction Evil Hatred Illusion Trickery
CyrrollaleeLGLG LN NG Community Craft Good Halfling Law Travel
Dallah ThaunCNCE CN CG NN Chaos Charm Halfling Knowledge Luck Trickery
Deep DuerraLELE LN NE Cavern Dwarf Evil Knowledge Law War
*Deep SashelasCGCG CN NG Chaos Elf Good Knowledge Travel Water
DeneirNGCG LG NG NN Craft Good Knowledge Protection Rune Spell
Dugmaren BrightmantleCGCG CN NG Chaos Craft Dwarf Good Knowledge Rune
DumathoinNNCN LN NE NG NN Craft Dwarf Earth Knowledge Protection Repose
EilistraeeCGCG CN NG Chaos Charm Drow Good Moon Portal
*EldathNGCG CN NG NN Balance Community Good Plant Protection Water
Erevan IlesereCNCE CG CN NN Charm Chaos Elf Illusion Luck Trickery
FaluzureNECE LE NE NN Death Dragon Evil Darkness Magic Undeath
*Fenmarel MestarineCNCE CG CN NN Animal Chaos Darkness Elf Plant Travel
Finder WyvernspurCNCE CN CG NN Chaos Charm Craft Luck Renewal Scalykind
Flandal SteelskinNGCG LG NG NN Craft Earth Fire Gnome Good Knowledge
Gaerdal IronhandLGLG LN NG Courage Gnome Good Law Protection War
GaragosCNCE CG CN NN Chaos Destruction Hatred Retribution Strength War
GargauthLELE LN NE Charm Evil Knowledge Law Trickery Tyranny
Garl GlittergoldLGLG LN NG Craft Gnome Good Law Protection Trickery
*GaryxCECE CN NE Chaos Destruction Dragon Evil Fire Renewal
GebNNCN LN NE NG NN Cavern Craft Earth Knowledge Protection Strength
GhaunadaurCECE CN NE Cavern Chaos Drow Evil Hatred Slime
GondNNCE CG CN LE LG LN NE NG NN Craft Earth Fire Knowledge Trade Rune
Gorm GulthymLGLG LN NG Dwarf Good Law Protection Strength War
GrazztCECE CN NE Chaos Charm Evil Knowledge Trickery War
*GrumbarNNCN LN NE NG NN Cavern Community Earth Rune Strength Time
GruumshCECE CN NE Cavern Chaos Evil Orc Strength War
*Gwaeron WindstromNGCG LG NG NN Animal Good Knowledge Plant Travel Retribution
Haela BrightaxeCGCG CN NG Chaos Community Dwarf Good Luck War
Hanali CelanilCGCG CN NG Chaos Charm Elf Good Magic Protection
*HathorNGCG LG NG NN Animal Community Good Fate Moon Protection
HelmLNLE LG LN NN Community Courage Law Protection Strength War
HlalCGCG NG CN Chaos Charm Dragon Good Rune Trickery
HoarLNLE LG LN NN Evil Good Fate Law Retribution Travel
Horus ReLGLG LN NG Courage Good Law Nobility Retribution Sun
IbrandulCNCG CN NN CE Chaos Cavern Darkness Earth Scalykind Travel
IlmaterLGLG LN NG Good Healing Law Renewal Strength Suffering
IlnevalNECE LE NE NN Courage Destruction Evil Hatred Orc War
IoNNCE CG CN LE LG LN NE NG NN Dragon Knowledge Magic Spell Strength Travel
*IsisNGCG CN NG NN Air Community Good Magic Plant Water
*IstishiaNNCN LN NE NG NN Air Cold Destruction Fate Travel Water
JergalLNLE LG LN NN Death Fate Law Repose Rune Suffering
KelemvorLNLE LG LN NN Fate Law Nobility Protection Repose Travel
KiaransaleeCECE CN NE Chaos Drow Evil Magic Retribution Undeath
*KossuthNNCN LN NE NG NN Destruction Fire Magic Portal Renewal Suffering
KurtulmakLELE LN NE Craft Evil Law Scalykind Trickery War
Labelas EnorethCGCG CN NG Chaos Elf Good Knowledge Rune Time
LaduguerLELE LN NE Craft Dwarf Evil Law Magic Protection
LathanderNGCG LG NG NN Good Nobility Protection Renewal Strength Sun
LeiraCNCG CN NN CE Chaos Charm Dream Illusion Spell Trickery
LendysLNLE LG LN Courage Destruction Dragon Law Protection Retribution
LliiraCGCG CN NG Chaos Charm Community Good Travel
LolthCECE CN NE Chaos Drow Evil Darkness Destruction Trickery
LoviatarLELE LN NE Evil Law Retribution Strength Suffering
*LurueCGCG CN NG Animal Chaos Charm Dream Good Healing
LuthicNECE LE NE Cavern Earth Evil Community Healing Orc
MaglubiyetNECE LE NE NN Destruction Evil Hatred Trickery Tyranny War
*MalarCECE CN NE Animal Chaos Evil Moon Strength Suffering
Marthammor DuinNGCG LG NG NN Community Dwarf Good Protection Strength Travel
MaskNECE LE NE NN Charm Darkness Evil Luck Travel Trickery
MephistotelesLELE LN NE Evil Fire Knowledge Law Rune Spell
*MielikkiNGCG LG NG NN Animal Balance Good Plant Protection Travel
MililNGCG LG NG NN Charm Good Illusion Knowledge Nobility Trickery
MoanderCELE CE NE Chaos Destruction Evil Fire Plant Slime
MoradinLGLG LN NG Craft Dwarf Earth Good Law Protection
MyrkulNECE LE NE Darkness Death Evil Fate Suffering Undeath
MystraNGCG LE LG LN NG NN Good Illusion Knowledge Magic Rune Spell
NephthysCGCG CN NG Chaos Good Protection Renewal Trade Travel
*NobanionLGLG LN NG NN Animal Community Courage Good Law Nobility
*OberonCGCG CN LG LN NG NN Animal Chaos Good Nobility Plant Strength
OghmaNNCE CG CN LE LG LN NE NG NN Balance Charm Knowledge Luck Travel Trickery
OrcusCECE CN NE Chaos Darkness Death Destruction Evil Undeath
*OsirisLGLG LN NG Good Law Plant Repose Renewal Retribution
*Queen of Air and DarknessCECE LE NE Air Chaos Cold Darkness Evil Illusion
PazuzuCECE CN NE Air Chaos Charm Evil Portal Trickery
Red KnightLNLE LG LN NN Knowledge Law Nobility Protection Strength War
*Rillifane RallathilCGCG CN NG Chaos Elf Good Plant Protection Renewal
SalandraNGCG CN LG LN NG NN Balance Community Healing Good Protection Renewal
SavrasLNLE LG LN NN Dream Fate Knowledge Law Magic Spell
*SebekNECE LE NE NN Animal Evil Moon Scalykind Trickery Water
Sehanine MoonbowCGCG CN NG Chaos Dream Elf Good Moon Repose
SeluneCGCG CN NG Chaos Dream Good Moon Protection Travel
SelvetarmCECE CN NE Chaos Drow Evil Hatred Strength War
*Segojan EarthcallerNGCG LG NG NN Animal Cavern Earth Gnome Good Repose
*SetLELE LN NE Air Darkness Evil Hatred Law Scalykind
SharNECE LE NE NN Cavern Charm Darkness Evil Knowledge Trickery
SharessCGCG CN NG Chaos Charm Good Protection Travel Trickery
ShargaasCECE CN NE Cavern Chaos Darkness Evil Orc Trickery
SharindlarCGCG CN NG Chaos Charm Dwarf Good Healing Moon
ShaundakulCNCE CG CN NN Air Chaos Portal Protection Trade Travel
*Sheela PeryroylNNCN LN NE NG NN Air Balance Charm Earth Halfling Plant
ShevarashCNCE CG CN NN Chaos Elf Hatred Retribution Strength War
*ShialliaNGCG LG NG NN Animal Charm Community Good Plant Renewal
SiamorpheLNLE LG LN NN Charm Community Knowledge Law Nobility Protection
*SilvanusNNCN LN NE NG NN Animal Balance Plant Protection Renewal Water
*Solonor ThelandiraCGCG CN NG Animal Chaos Elf Good Plant War
SuneCGCG CN LG NG Chaos Charm Community Fire Good Protection
*TalonaCECE CN NE Chaos Destruction Evil Hatred Slime Suffering
*Talos CECE CN NE Air Chaos Destruction Evil Fire Hatred
TamaraNGCG LG NG Balance Community Dragon Good Healing Sun
TempusCNCE CG CN NN Chaos Courage Protection Retribution Strength War
*Thard HarrCGCG NG CN Animal Chaos Dwarf Earth Good Plant
ThothNNCN LN NE NG NN Craft Knowledge Moon Magic Rune Spell
TiamatLELE LN NE Dragon Evil Law Scalykind Strength Tyranny
*TitaniaCGCG CN LG LN NG NN Charm Chaos Good Illusion Nobility Plant
TormLGLG LN NG Courage Good Healing Law Protection Strength
TymoraCGCG CN NG Chaos Good Luck Protection Travel Trickery
TyrLGLG LN NG Good Knowledge Law Retribution Strength War
*UbtaoNNNN LN CN NG NE Animal Balance Plant Protection Repose Scalykind
*UlutiuLNLE LG LN NN Animal Law Cold Protection Strength Water
*UmberleeCECE CN NE Air Chaos Destruction Evil Hatred Water
UrdlenCECE CN NE Chaos Darkness Earth Evil Gnome Hatred
UrogalanLNLE LG LN NN Earth Halfling Knowledge Law Protection Repose
*UthgarCNCE CG CN NN Animal Chaos Courage Retribution Strength War
ValkurCGCG CN NG Air Chaos Good Protection Water War
Vandria GilmadrithLNLN LG NG NN Community Courage Elf Law Protection War
VelsharoonNECE CN LE LN NE NN Death Evil Knowledge Magic Spell Undeath
VergadainNNCN LN NE NG NN Craft Dwarf Luck Rune Trade Trickery
VhaeraunCECE CN NE Charm Chaos Drow Evil Travel Trickery
WaukeenNNCN LN NE NG NN Balance Knowledge Portal Protection Trade Travel
YondallaLGLG LN NG Community Good Halfling Law Protection Renewal
YurtrusNECE LE NE NN Death Destruction Evil Orc Suffering Slime