Amia Rules & FAQ

Amia Rules and FAQ

Here's where you start. An index of frequently asked questions, and pointers to our rules and other things, which you should know. After reading this, you may explore the Amia Rules Page and the Rules & Lore forum for more specific information about all rulings.

About Amia

Amia is a Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE) persistent world and we will all as DMs do our best to try and enhance your experience here. Please help us in doing so by reporting any bugs or exploits to the Amia forum.

This is a roleplay server, so most things done in real life can be done here. We ask that you exercise sound judgment when indulging in your roleplay activities. There are players here who may be younger than you. Also, please be mindful that some subjects are more sensitive than others.

If you have questions, please don’t be afraid to ask a DM or post here on the forums. In addition, consult your journal for notes and suggestions. We encourage you to use your personal in-game journal for your own major roleplay notes. Your journal is persistently saved along with your character.

Use your common sense and good judgement. We understand that DMs are not infallible and we listen to players when they have an opinion. If you feel something is unfair, let us know.



Players are here to enjoy themselves while playing the game and interacting with each other. Players treat each other with respect, no matter how hostile the relations between their characters may be. Conflicts between players are primarily solved by the players themselves. A DM steps in when the players are unable to reach a solution that's acceptable to all parties involved.


A character represents a living entity in the game world. Players are not allowed to give their characters knowledge or items that the character did not acquire through its interaction with the game world. Characters' IC actions result in IC consequences, so think before acting. In case of a dispute, DMs' decisions are to be followed. You should always "go with the flow" and accept the roleplay as it comes. No player can be forced to roleplay sexual acts or graphic violence. Roleplaying rape or pedophilia is strictly forbidden on Amia - please make no mention of this beyond allusion in your character's backstory, if it is relevant. No ongoing roleplay is permitted to involve either activity.


A DM's task is to represent the game world and to keep it coherent. DMs also help the players with problems and decide on the interpretation of rules in a certain situation. Not every decision of a DM will be pleasant for every player; do not argue the matter ingame, but discuss this with the DM via a Private Message on the forums or on Discord. If you have a problem with a DM, contact a second DM to mediate.

The Game World

Only DMs hold the right to decide the actions of NPCs (Non-Player Characters), deities, or any other entities active and present in the world of Amia. This includes stories posted in the PC Story forum which might dictate NPC actions. The use of non-NwN material in game is not mandatory, nor is knowledge of D&D lore a requirement to play on Amia. No player can be forced to play by any other rules than those included in the NwN game and Amia module, or those set by the DM staff. This means that you are not required to know or understand PnP spells or abilities, for example. For this reason, PnP spells and abilities always require player consent, unless a DM is overseeing the situation and clears the usage personally.

Once you enter the game world with your character, you are in-character. There is no OOC hunting or other situations. If your character is doing something, they are doing it IC. Only DMs may make exceptions to this with direct oversight.


NwN game bugs and Amia module bugs are not to be exploited. DM staff holds the right to decide what is an exploit. If you are unsure what is an exploit, ask before acting.

About these rules

You will notice that aforementioned rules are not very detailed, and do not include set penalties. The DMs apply a rule to a situation and set the penalty if there is one. The ruling will be recorded and used for future reference in comparable cases.

General Do's and Don't's to clarify the above rules

  • Do not log in with another character to do something your current character began. (i.e. To raise your party or to attack another PC).
  • Do not log in with multiple computers at the same time. This is also known as multiboxing, and is a bannable offense if you are caught doing it.
  • Do not log in with any character to do anything OOC. You can't just decide that your character isn't doing something that you are having them do. The only OOC rooms are those attached to the Entry and the Travel Agency/Faction Portal Room.
  • Do not log in with multiple computers at the same time. This is also known as multiboxing, and is a bannable offense if you are caught doing it.
  • Do not exploit bugs and glitches within the Neverwinter Nights game. If you are unsure what is considered an exploit and what isn't, please ask! This includes any third-party tools that modify character appearances in-game such as adding wings or tails. Client-side overrides that do not affect the module or the way other players play or perceive you are fine. Hackers will be banned without discussion!
  • Do not resort to PvP (Player vs Player) battle without ample IC (In Character) reason. Senseless killing of other characters will resort in harsh punishment. Simply being evil is not reason enough to kill someone. If you do enter into RP-inspired PvP that results in deaths of any PC (Player Character), you must provide an OOC raise for that character (either by yourself, or arrange for someone else to do it). For more information on the PvP rules, see here.
  • Do not camp any spawns, this means you can't sit on the same spawn and bring it out 3 or 4 times. This is especially so for boss spawns. If you want to go after epic bosses, leave and come back to do another round of the hunting area and let other people have a chance at it.
  • Do not metagame. Metagaming includes asking for a raise OOC, sending tells for help, and having a player port to your dead character with the purpose of raising it. Players caught doing this will be docked one level, and have half of their gold taken away. Multiple offenses will result in a ban from the game.
  • Do not transfer items or gold from one of your own characters to another of your own characters. This is referred to as muling and, if caught, all involved characters will be stripped.
  • Do not use your "Use Magic Device", or UMD skill to activate these items with a class specific OOC warning of use limitations if you do not have the appropriate class levels. The item will be removed from your character without compensation if you are found to be doing this.
  • Do not spam voicesets. (This means using the same your voiceset repeatedly and flooding chat). To experiment with a voice set, please find a secluded place where nobody else is around (there are plenty of these).
  • Do not run ahead of another group, when hunting. Do not collect treasure from corpses that your party did not kill.
  • Do not attempt to determine the acts of NPCs or history of Amia. That is for the DMs to decide. If you wish to take part in Amia's historical events, or roleplay a character that had a part in the making of Amia's history, contact a DM.
  • Do not give your characters titles that they supposedly earned on Amia, unless a DM grants you that title. If your character's past in some other land or plane involved him/her having a title, that is fine, as long as you don't claim to have any unearned influence on Amia. Note: Legitimate nobility which means you still retain that influence elsewhere must be requested prior to the character's creation.
  • Do remember, that only the DMs play gods and NPCs. That's why they are called Non-Player Characters. Making decisions for NPCs is not allowed and is considered a form of metagaming.
  • Do remember that each settlement has its own set of laws, and it's a good idea to get to know them when you frequent these areas.
  • Do remember, that explicit sexual (cybering) or graphic torture roleplay is not permitted in any channel. This includes sitting silently somewhere in a private area, clothed or unclothed, with another person. If a DM comes across you in such a position, they may believe it to be a compromising situation and you may be booted or banned. You can either log off and continue elsewhere or simply "fade to black" and skip roleplaying it out. (See here for specifics.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amia?

Amia is a roleplaying world for the Neverwinter Nights game. Our setting is based on Forgotten Realms campaign by Wizards of the Coast. As we are a roleplaying server, roleplayng is required. OOC (Out Of Character) is to be used with discretion. To speak OOC, use (( text )), or // text, in the chat window. The entry and maintenance areas for Amia are considered fully OOC, so you shouldn't do any roleplaying there.

What should I know about making a character for Amia?

While we allow freedom in creating your character, due to several reasons we do have some limits on what you can play without (and with) approval. We also expect that you know the basic Forgotten Realms lore related to your chosen race and class, and we hope that you are willing to learn more if needed. You can read more on Amia's rules on characters here.

Who are the Dungeon Masters and how can I contact them? Who should I contact?

Our DMs and Devs are listed in the Rules & Lore forum, you may read it here. Please show respect for the Dungeon Masters, and abide by their rules. If you have a problem with a decision that a Dungeon Master has made, bring it up with them first; if that is not sufficient to resolve the issue, bring it to the attention of another or the Arbiter DM.

Is there something specific I should know about Amia?

Yes. We have some NWN game mechanics adjusted, you can read about those here.

The maximum character level allowed in Amia is Level 30 for all characters.

Upon your first respawn, there is no charge. However, after that, the respawn penalty is 100 XP per level of the character, and 10% of your gold. Respawning will NOT put you below your current level, however.

There are various areas throughout the server that you can set as your start location. Your start location will appear as the first option in the Rod of Porting and will be your respawn point. You can only have one start location at a time, but you can bind to a home location as well. If you bind to one home location while already being bound to another, your new home location replaces the previous one. Please note that not all start and home locations are usable by all characters.

How can I help in making the Amia Experience pleasant and fun for everyone?

Common sense and courtesy are the keywords. We also have compiled hints and tips on this matter. You can read more about that here.

I am banned (from game and/or forums). What to do?

If you don't have forum access, send an email to to request unbanning. If you do have forum access, send a PM to the Dungeon Master group. Your request for a repeal will be presented to the Staff for discussion.