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Welcome to the Amia Heads reference page! Choose a Race/Gender album and get started.

Some of these heads are restricted, subject to DM approval. Restricted heads are marked with a fancy overlay.

Yes, Genasi and Dragon Disciple heads require a request.

Remember: Heads with horns/spikes/etc. should only be used for appropriate PCs: Feytouched, Tiefling, Aasimar, Goblin, or Kobold.

A DM will likely change your head if you choose one of these as a normal human, for example.

**All heads use Red and Blue tattoos. If you chose the wrong combination when you created your PC, these are easily changed at Kampo's Storehouse on Amia A. Look for the Tattoo Artist.**

(Tattoo Color reference numbers are here.)

Note: Due to engine limitations, heads numbered 50-99 or higher than 199 are not visible in the Toolset.

Navigate to and click on the head you want. The Reference Number captioned below the main image is the one you will use at the Head Changer in-game in the Maintenance Room (or in special DM requests).

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